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People Who Made This Possible:
Support Team A.K.A. Supportindeed.com
Just As Good A Support Team As Microsoft...I Have To Say I Am Pleased...
Brought Us Many Fun Pictures
Google May Have All Your Test Answers But Bing Has Accuracy It Is Probably The Best Search Engine For Finding Roms
Brought Me Closer To Programming Than You Would Think
For Bringing Me Closer To Some Programmers
Caret Chrome App
For Allowing The Best User Interface For Sourcecode Editing
For Giving Out Software To Help Developers To Get Started
Photo Raster
For Making It Able For Me To Edit Pictures On Chromebook...Suprisingly It's Pretty Close To The Software Gimp Which Is A Wonderful Software
An Application That Makes Apache Web Serving Easy
Apache HTTPD Project
For Becoming The Greatest Known Web Server
21st Century Community Learning Center
For Renewing My Joy For Technology
Who Sent Me Good Vibes
Who Encouraged Me The Whole Time
TIBasic Wikidot
For Helping Me With A Few Limits I Face In TI-BASIC
Who Brought Me Games For Many Of My Favorite Consoles...Currently Getting Stamped Out By Nintendo
Who Taught Me A Bunch Of The HTML Codes I Know Today
My Friends Suggestion
For also helping me with html/css tags...a good site for specific tag lookups
Free Hosting EU
For Giving Me All I Need To Get Started...200 MB I Can't Complain
Tiny Counter
For The Neat Little Hit Counter
The Dude Who Basically Did All The Promotion (Rather Than My Measly 40 View He Got Me 70!)
A Great Site For People Who Want To Learn Programming